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    Our Story

    SANZ was created by a team that consists of scientists, mothers, fathers, weekend warriors, hunters, and hardcore athletes. We are experts at creating stink, and thankfully even better at eliminating it! We are beyond proud of our SANZ Sport products and are thrilled to share them with you and your loved ones.

    Our team can be found at Vireo Systems, Inc., our parent company, in Madison, Tennessee. Taking the name from a Latin word for health, Vireo is focused on making healthy products. We always endeavor to provide holistic and non-toxic solutions to health issues. We are deeply rooted in science and quality to support and demonstrate the efficacy of our products.

    We stand by our products and we stand by our customers.

    Vireo products embrace the spirit of the hippocratic oath as it implies that medical treatment should "do no harm". Vireo is also one of the only companies in this market, pharmaceutical or nutraceutical, that is so sure of the efficacy of our products and so supportive of our customers, that we offer a money-back guarantee to anyone whom Vireo products do not provide the intended results