About Us

"We are passionate about improving the lives of people and pets by delivering premium, healthy products through world-class research, innovation and manufacturing.

Our goal is to revolutionize global health through innovative, healthy products."

Our Philosophy

Our team can be found at Vireo Systems, Inc., our parent company, in Madison, Tennessee. Taking the name from a Latin word for health, Vireo is focused on making healthy products. We always endeavor to provide holistic and non-toxic solutions to health issues. We are deeply rooted in science and use only the best ingredients in everything we make. Our team consists of scientists, mothers, fathers, weekend warriors, hunters, and hardcore athletes. We are experts at creating stink, and thankfully even better at eliminating it! We are beyond proud of our SANZ Sport products and are thrilled to share them with you and your loved ones. Our products are tried and true - we use them ourselves! From the lab to the field to YOUR home, we've got you covered.

Thanks for choosing SANZ!