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    The Baddest Ingredients

    You need to know about

    There are virtually no tests or transparency in traditional cleaning products.

    The truth is, many household cleaners are not transparent enough and they don't list their ingredients. In this situation, you can't be aware of the nasty chemicals that could potentially enter your home. We've taken it upon ourselves to provide you with knowledge about how to make smarter choices for a healthier lifestyle.

    Harmful ingredients in conventional cleaning products


    The production and use of dyes is both an environmental and human health problem. Manye dyes found in good are baner from specicif countries due to health convers so you should always keep a special eye for that!

    Formaldehyde Releasers

    Formaldehyde is a very toxic chemical that can even be lethal in high levels. It can cause irration and have toxic carcinogenic effects. The easiest way to avoide them is to always carefully check the label!


    Phthalates are endorcine disruptors that are mostly found amongst fragrances. They disrupt the hormones which are really essential so should be avoided at all cost. Carefully check the ingredients list and you will spot them if included!


    1,4-dioxane is a know carcinogen and neurotoxin that is present when ethoxylated surfactants are used. While it is never listed on labels, it is not hard to spot it, just look for ingredients ending in "-eth" on the label!